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SIF Infrastructure Implementation Specification
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The Access 4 Learning (A4L) Community defines its global Infrastructure to be simple, secure, scalable, and standard. What each of these terms means changes with technological progress.


The A4L Community works hard to balance capabilities with effort required by developers, and as of late this has been accomplished through our Open Source frameworks especially for Service Providers, which open up a lot of flexibility and expected functionality for Service Consumers to enjoy.


SIF 3  SIF 2 

RESTful Design
Synchronous (Immediate Responses)
Asynchronous (Delayed Responses & Events)
TLS Security

Messages over HTTP Post
Asynchronous Only
SSL/TLS Security
Data: XML fully supported.
Increasing capable JSON support.
Allows movement of any payload.
XML Only
Combined with Infrastructure
Typology: Client/Server
Master Data Management



SIF Infrastructure Specifications

Specification Name Version Release  Date  Certification Program
 SIF Infrastructure Implementation Specification 3.2.1 3.2.1 April 24, 2017  
SIF Infrastructure Implementation Specification 3.2 3.2 June 29, 2016  
SIF Infrastructure Implementation Specification 3.1 3.1 May 1, 2015  
SIF Infrastructure Implementation Specification 3.0.1 3.0.1 February 20, 2014  Yes
SIF Infrastructure Implementation Specification 2.6 2.6 July 23, 2012  
SIF Infrastructure Implementation Specification 2.5 2.5 May 4, 2011  






Specification Development

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Customizable versions of the template documents can be found in each locale Specification Development pages.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Specification-Infrastructure-Development-Processes PDF (383.4 KB) Administration 2/22/2017
Specification-DataModel-Development-Processes PDF (535.24 KB) Administration 2/22/2017
Specification DM Dev Process - NA Appendices 2017 PDF (83.79 KB) Administration 2/21/2017
SIF Data Model v3 - User Guide PDF (444.01 KB) Administration 2/21/2017
SIF NA Data Model Usage Guide PDF (473.86 KB) Administration 3/30/2017
TEMPLATE - Data Model Extension Proposal PDF (349.48 KB) Administration 2/21/2017
TEMPLATE - Infrastructure Extension Proposal PDF (350 KB) Administration 2/21/2017
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